Rocket's Island
Genre Fantasy, adventure, mystery
Created by Nick Leather
Starring Jordan Benjamin

Samuel Bottomley
Tom Coliandris
Helen Daniels
Joe Galluci
Sydney Wade

Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 3
No. of episodes 29
Running time 30 minutes
Original network CBBC (2012–2015)
Picture format HD
Original release 4 December 2012 – 7 December 2015
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Rocket's Island is a British television series about a family taking care of foster children. It stars Jordan Benjamin, Samuel Bottomley, Jack Hartley, Tom Coliandris, Helen Daniels and Joe Gallucci. It was filmed in part on the Isle of Man. It is produced by Lime Picturesand All3Media for CBBC.

Contents Edit

  • 1. Plot
  • 2. Cast
  • 3. Episodes
  • 3.1. Series 1
  • 3.2. Series 2
  • 3.3. Series 3
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Plot Edit

Rocket's Island is about the Boulsworth family, who live at and run Knot Farm, who take care of a number of foster children who come and stay with them. Rocket and his friends have many adventures in their day-to-day lives with plenty of drama involved.

Cast Edit

  • Rocket Boulsworth - Joe Gallucci
  • Alli Boulsworth - Helen Daniels
  • Dibber Sparks - Jordan Benjamin
  • Brandon Keleher - Sam Bottomley
  • Jade Hollis - Sydney Wade
  • Archie Beckles - Kit Connor
  • Sarah Boulsworth - Natasha Joseph
  • Peter Boulsworth - Mark Jordon
  • PC Gerry Beddoe - Tom Gilling
  • Jonathan Healey - William Hall
  • Lucas Summer - Tom Coliandris
  • Bethany Summer - Leisa Gwenllian
  • Ben/Barney Bean - Isaac Rouse
  • Tyler McCray - Jack Hartley
  • Madison Creetch - Gia O'Meally
  • Wendy Sparks - Suzette Llewellyn
  • Grandad Sparks - Ram John Holder

Episodes Edit

Series 1 Edit

Number in series Title Original broadcast date Viewers
1 "Episode 1" 4 December 2012 N/A
2 "Episode 2" 5 December 2012 N/A
3 "Episode 3" 6 December 2012 N/A

Series 2 Edit

Number in series Title Original broadcast date Viewers
1 "Rocket Boulsworth and an Answer for Everything" 14 April 2014 N/A
Rocket finds an oracle that knows the answer to everything in the telephone box.
2 "Brandon and the Beast" 21 April 2014 N/A
Brandon is chased by a mysterious beast in the woods, which Rocket thinks might be the legendary tancath.
3 "The Fairy Queen" 28 April 2014 N/A
Jade meets a woman who says she is the queen of the fairies.
4 "The Golden Egg" 5 May 2014 N/A
Alli breaks a valuable egg from the school collection and tries to find a replacement.
5 "Alli and the Wish Friend" 12 May 2014 N/A
Alli makes a wish for a friend, and is astounded when it comes true.
6 "Fallout" 19 May 2014 N/A
Alli and Shada investigate an underground shelter, which is supposedly haunted.
7 "The Mermaid's Song" 26 May 2014 N/A
Rocket, Jade and Brandon explore a cave in which a mermaid is said to reside.
8 "The Wolf Tree" 2 June 2014 N/A
Rocket comes across a tree said to bring the dead to life.
9 "The Lost Boy" 9 June 2014 N/A
Rocket and Dibber think the new foster boy, Archie, may be a child who went missing on the island many years ago.
10 "Rocket's Return" 16 June 2014 N/A
Rocket and friends are suspicious that Billy, a visitor to the Knot, may be a time-traveller.
11 "The Goblin Curse" 23 June 2014 N/A
Brandon mocks the goblin king and is in turn cursed.
12 "The Ballabungie Detective Agency" 30 June 2014 N/A
Rocket and friends form a detective agency to clear Brandon's name of a terrible crime.
13 "The Tearpot" 7 July 2014 N/A
Rocket and friends fill a magical teapot with tears which they believe will save the Knot foster home from closing.

Series 3 Edit

Number in series Title Original broadcast date Viewers
1 "Here Be Dragons" 21 September 2015 N/A
After Rocket discovers a giant fossil, new foster child Benjamin thinks he sees a real dragon. However, Rocket's reputation is put on the line when they go on a sunset hunt for the creature. Meanwhile, Brandon is torn over whether to reply to his mother when she decides to make contact with him.
2 "The Tell Stones" 28 September 2015 N/A
When Dibber cheats on a school presentation, he appears to become the target of ancient powers. As runic stones tell of disaster for the one he loves the most, he finds out that his mother is lying to him. When Charlie the horse falls ill, Alli realises that she does not have enough time for Lucas.
3 "The Broken Soldier" 5 October 2015 N/A
When Archie uncovers an old toy soldier under his bed, Jade worries that he might have brought the toy to life. While Dibber copes with spending more time with Bethany Summer, his suspicions grow that Benjamin is going to hurt Rocket.
4 "Madison The Vampire" 12 October 2015 N/A
Madison's sudden strange behaviour leads the Knot children to believe that she may be a vampire. When a chick goes missing on the farm, the gang acts quickly before she can hurt anyone else. Meanwhile, Rocket realises he might actually fancy Bethany Summer.
5 "Jade the Magnificent" 19 October 2015 N/A
There's a storm at the Knot, lightning strikes and sends Jade flying. As strange things happen around Jade, she appears to have developed potentially dangerous magical powers. Meanwhile, Brandon decides to contact his mother, only for it to have an unexpected result.
6 "The Mirror of Morglaw" 26 October 2015 N/A
A skeleton washes up on the Dirgelmor shore, uncovering the journal of Lord Loomis and his quest to find a mirror that reflects a person's true self. As Rocket goes on the hunt for this mirror, the whole group is put in danger when Benjamin's secret is revealed.
7 "Telling Porkies" 2 November 2015 N/A
A new energetic foster child, Izzy Wizzy, makes a noisy arrival at The Knot. However, it is not long before everyone wonders how much trouble she might cause. Meanwhile, Archie discovers the new pig on the farm can talk, but will only speak to him.
8 "The Selkie Boy" 9 November 2015 N/A
Alli sits on the rocks, looking at her life plan - she is upset that so far she has not achieved her goals. However, a mythical and handsome Selkie might just have arrived to save her from her loneliness. Meanwhile, Izzy finds herself in more trouble when she loses one of Sarah's treasured rings.
9 "Mountain Post" 16 November 2015 N/A
A lone postbox on top of Dirgelmor's only mountain is rumoured to be able to send letters to historical figures. But when Brandon uses it to send a letter to his mother, it leads to a big surprise for him.
10 "The Knights of Dirgelmor" 23 November 2015 N/A
Upset over Brandon's departure, Jade loses herself in a fantasy book about three knights who discover a castle. Jade seeks out her own castle and, to her amazement, three knights appear soon after. However, her joy turns to despair when she and Dibber are trapped by the mystical knights.
11 "Izzy Wizzy And The Weeping Oak" 30 November 2015 N/A
Alli comes to a big decision, while Rocket believes Izzy Wizzy has been possessed by tree sprites and while he is trying to help he uncovers a huge secret she has been keeping from everyone - she is going deaf.
12 "The Dirgeldoor/Goodbye Island" 7 December 2015 N/A
Peter announces there will be no new foster children at the Knot. When Jade, Archie and Izzy Wizzy overhear that someone will be leaving the farm they search for the legendary Dirgeldoor to take them to their true home, a journey that will trap all of the Knot children deep within an abandoned mine and lead them to discover who really is leaving the island.