Kaylan Golden
Kaylan Golden


April 28, 1902 Detroit, Michigan


November 5, 1920

Age When Turned


Created by

Matthew Golden




African American

Hair Color




Eye Color

Red (Newborn Vampire), Blue (Blood diet for six months), Gold (Vegetarian Vampire) Dark Brown ( Human), Black (Thirsty for blood)


Daniel Golden

Kaylan Weldon Golden was born on April 28, 1902 in Detroit, Michigan to African American parents when they migrated to the Northern states to avoid the Jim Crow Laws. Kaylan was a honor roll student being excellent at his High School during the rise of the Harlem Renaissance.

When his parents died from the Chicago riots, he went on rage and decide to kill all the white population for his family's death.

On November 5, 1920 Kaylan become sick from the Spanish flu where it hit most of the Atlantic eastern cities and then transfered to a mental hospital.

He finally met Matthew Golden once he realize he was dying from a high fever with blooded eyes and extreme temperature.

To save him, Matthew bit Kaylan and turn him into a vampire within extreme agony for three days.

He later join his coven and officially co lead the coven along with Matthew, Shelia, and Maya.

A century later his met his future mate, Natalie

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